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Central Iowa Data Bike report 

Central Iowa, United States
Bicycle Pedestrian Planning

Waste recovery and recycling are the most important issues of urbanization in developing countries. Waste disposal systems fails due to lack of awareness amongst the citizens, improper use of the funds provided by the government and inefficient public policies for waste management. This project tackles the waste management issues in Chorrillos, one of informalneighborhoods in Lima, Peru. The project looks at the problems faced by the dwellers due to lack of waste management facilities and proposes design solutions that encourage waste recycling education programs for youth. Temporal design strategies learned from projects in Kigoma-Ujiji, Tanzania and Miraflores, Lima are reviewed to better understand the concept of waste recovery and recycling. This temporal approach will help informal communities to generate local income and achieve healthier and more sustainable neighborhoods.

Note: This project was conceived by a team of 4. All graphics and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde.

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