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Common Ground

Project: The Common Ground 
Year: 2018       
Location: Toronto, Canada.       
Academic: Team

Type: ULI Competition, Mixed-Use, Urban Design, Transportation planning.



The experiences of Toronto’s residents are diverse. But we share much common ground: the need to move around to work, live, and play; the desire for healthy and affordable food; and love for recreating in our great city. Millions of residents rely on Toronto’s transportation systems—from the sidewalk to the streetcar to the subway—to move around the city. Common Ground is located at the nexus of multiple transit systems. It is a zone of transition—between the bike share fleet, buses, streetcars, and the subway system. The Common Ground development project makes transitions easy and even fun. More than ever, consumers demand fresh, healthy foods. Common Ground seeks to join and strengthen Toronto’s network of urban agriculture, as a site for growing, learning, and connecting. Urban production gardens are located on-site and demonstrate the latest in urban agriculture innovation. Produce is available on site and distributed to larger networks of fresh food retailers. Common ground connects passersby with healthy food options while connecting food advocates around the city.

Note: This project was conceived by a team - Austin Dunn, Huaxuan Wu. Ngoc Ho, Tanvi Halde, and Zhonghe Shen and led by Tanvi Halde. All graphics and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde including the Master plan, proforma, and composition of the sheet.

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