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The Bridge Church



Bridge Church Renovation and Master Plan

Franklin, TN United States
Architecture, Master Planning

The project aims to renovate the existing Chruch building and expand as a event space and cafeteria which could be rented for event for people of all faiths. The project focuses on the concept of "People first, buildings later". As we approach the site, we see a central kid's play area surrounded by the Barndominium and Cafeteria buildings.

The project involved the renovation of the existing church building and developing a master plan for accommodating a barndominium, cafeteria, amphitheater, kid's play area, and sports field. The project involved proposing new spaces within the existing church building to accommodate mentoring areas for kids and teenagers, volunteer service rooms, and the expansion of a storage area.

The Master Plan development initiated with site study, zoning, and ordinances requirements followed by parking counts. The master plan includes a Barn building that will accommodate a event space along with service areas and restrooms and a pantry. The Barndominium has a lawn behind it to host events in open air. The cafe will be serviced during the days when the event is being hosted. The Barn Building and the Cafeteria are located to open up in the central courtyard facing the kid's play area. On the rear side of the cafeteria follows the amphitheater or urban park surrounded by spaces carved to be used by pedestrians. As we proceed further, the site includes a open lawn to be used as a soccer court.

Note: This project was conceived by a team of 3. All Site Plans, floor plans, elevations and 3d views shown here were illustrated by Tanvi Halde. The Renderings are developed by 3d artist and included for reference only.

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