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Deep River Square

Project: Deep River Square

Year: 2021 - Ongoing

Location: Jamestown, North Carolina, United States

Professional: Individual (Benchmark Planning)

Type: Downtown Visioning and Renovation, Urban Design, Planning, Architecture


A primary objective of this project has been to develop urban design and planning concepts for an upcoming mixed-use complex in Downtown Jamestown, NC. The site is located along E and W Main Street and comprises 35,000 sq ft area to be developed into a mixed-use commercial and residential area. As of 2022, the site consists of three dilapidated and vacant structures, which the Town of Jamestown aims to demolish and re- construct into a mixed- use commercial complex with shops and public spaces on first level and dwelling units on second level. 


The proposed design has two concepts, where concept 1 includes 3 structures with 16 retail units (approx. 1000 sq ft ea.)  on the first level (total: 18,000 sq ft) and an open space for recreation and leisure activities (17,500 sq ft) along with 10 residential units on the second level. 


​Concept 2 comprises 2 structures with 12 units (approx. 1000 sq ft ea.) on first level (total: 18,000 sq ft) along with 8 residential units on second level with a central open space (18,200 sq ft).


Both the Concepts include parking spaces for cars and bikes and ideas for landscaping. 

The project was proposed to the Town of Jamestown in 2021, and under approval stage.

Note: All graphics, 3D- model, site plans, and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde. This project was conceived by Tanvi Halde under the guidance of Senior planner.

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