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Downtown Urban Park

Project: Downtown Urban Park

Year: 2021- Ongoing

Location: Jamestown, North Carolina, United States

Professional: Individual (Benchmark Planning)

Type: Urban Design, Planning, Architecture


A primary objective of this project has been to develop an urban park in the Town of Jamestown. A vacant land was identified in the heart of Jamestown Downtown with a potential to be developed into an urban neighbourhood park. The site is located at the junction of Main Street, Dillon Road and Oakdale Road and located opposite the proposed mixed - use development along E and W main Street. The study includes identifying the existing trees and properties along the plot. 


The design proposal comprises ideas for public park, lawn area and plantation ideas, sculpture park, along with location of benches, kid’s play area, water fountains, dustbins, open spaces and picnic shelters and food trucks. The proposed park will include a central pedestrian walkway with granite and sand paving and sculpture installations along the walkway to promote local artists. 


The park includes pocket areas with garden benches and picnic tables for the locals to sit and enjoy a quick meal or relax and enjoy the nature strip. The park will be connected to the proposed mixed-use development (Deep river Square) along the E na dW Main street and would be an extension to the open space around the complex.


The project was proposed to the Town of Jamestown in 2021, and under approval stage.

Note: All graphics, 3D- model, site plans, and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde. This project was conceived by Tanvi Halde under the guidance of Senior planner. 

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