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Downtown Revitalization

Project: Downtown revitalization and Facade renovation

Year: 2021- Ongoing

Location: Lumberton, SC and Concord, NC, United States

Professional: Individual (Benchmark Planning)

Type: Urban Design, Design Guidelines


A primary objective of the project is to provide design recommendations for downtown redevelopment and renovations. Certain properties were identified in downtown of City of Lumberton,SC and Concord, NC which were in dilapidated state or vacant and had potential to be renovated and redesigned. The illustrations were suggested for renovating existing structures by following the existing design guidelines and zoning ordinances of respective cities.The Illustrations suggests the ideas for modifying the existing structures which could be redesigned and utilised as retail units, restaurants or commercial units.The illustration provides a brief idea on permitted materials, and paint colours that can be used for primary facade, upper facade, storefront, windows, doors, awnings and signage. 


The project was proposed to the City of Lumberton, SC and City of Concord, NC in 2021, and under approval stage.

Note: All graphics were illustrated by Tanvi Halde. This project was conceived by Tanvi Halde under the guidance of Senior planner. 

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