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Data Bike

Project: Central Iowa Data Bike report 
Year: 2020

Location: Central Iowa, United States
Professional: Team
Type: Bicycle Pedestrian Planning


A primary objective of this project has been to develop a bike-based data collection vehicle to improve the efficiency of collecting data on the extensive trail network. The data collected to date provides evidence that the regional trail network in Central Iowa is in good condition with 96 percent of trail miles in smooth or very smooth conditions. My role as a planner was to analyze the data collected through the Data Bike and rRuf app to create GIS maps for different trails located in Central Iowa. The report demonstrates the maps for each trail with the level of roughness is used for Bicycle- Pedestrian planning in Des Moines MPO region. 


Note: This project was conceived by a team of 4. All graphics and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde.

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