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Haat Bazaar

Project: Haat Bazaar

Year:  2014-2016            
Navi- Mumbai, India.       
Type: Thesis, Architectural design, Building Construction.          


Haat Bazaars are the markets that generally take place on a weekly basis in a playground or an open field, which is accessible to most families in a village. Difficulty or even inability to access the market because of lack of access to transportation represents an obstacle for local farmers to earn a supplemental income by selling their products. The project Understanding the relationship between rural and urban markets, the history, origin and evolution of marketplaces. The project includes analysis and design to bridge the gap between the urban and rural scenarios and creating an environment for farmer’s weekly market at an urban scale. The project includes a market space connected to public spaces to establish a connection between local vendors and metro city dwellers of Navi- Mumbai, India.

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