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Professional Practice

Project: Professional Practice      
Year: 2015-2016           
Location: Mumbai, India.       
Professional: Team (Kaushik Patel Architects)
Type: Architectural Design, Residential and Commercial design, Building Construction.     



As an Architect, Tanvi Sharad has worked on-site analysis, site review, and inspection, creating conceptual diagrams and creating working and construction drawings for the residential housing project.

Her work involved interacting with clients, interior designers, surveyors, civil and structural engineers along with making a site inspection and guiding contractors, on-site workers, and carpenters.

For Architectural design projects, she has worked on a residential complex project in Mumbai, India, which involved creating floor layout, site master plans, electrical and lighting layouts, working and construction drawings, sections, elevations, 3-D models, and phase-wise distribution of work. Upon completion of different stages, she has also worked on selecting color palettes for building, tiling patterns, selection of light fixtures.

Note: The above projects were conceived by a team of 5. All sale plans, master plans, elevations and sections demonstrated are drafted and illustrated by Tanvi Halde as an Architect under the guidance of Ar. Nipa Shah and Ar. Mukta Joshi at Kaushik Patel Architects, Mumbai India. 3D models are created by 3d artist and added for reference only.

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