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The Common Crown

Project: The Common Crown      
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.              
Type: Competition, Urban Design, Mixed-Use, Urban Planning, Environmental and sustainable design.            


The Common Crown glitters along the river’s edge. Stretching across The Banks, Cincinnati’s bustling entertainment district, The Crown connects landmarks and residents through a dynamic, progressive network of infrastructure and programming. More than its physical components, The Crown is a forward-thinking public engagement and community-building strategy committed to securing Cincinnati’s future as a beacon of social, environmental, and economic vitality. The Crown’s value is in its jewels, the cultural, economic, and environmental foundations of The Banks district: People’s Park, Paul Brown Stadium, the Great American Ball Park, Freedom Way, and Smale Riverfront Park. The Crown’s form is comprised of dynamic pedestrian pathways and amenities that bridge the divides between downtown & the riverfront, ballpark & symphony, and visitor & resident. The Crown’s power, however, is in the people’s hands

Note: This project was conceived by a team of 5, led by Tanvi Halde. All graphics and maps were illustrated by Tanvi Halde including Master plan, proforma, 3D model, rendering, and composing the sheet.

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