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I am Tanvi! 

A bit about me:

Tanvi Sharad is an Architect, Urban Designer, and Planner.

A graduate from Iowa State University, Ames, United States, and she pursued a dual-degree in Community and regional planning and Urban Design (2019). She earned her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Academy of Architecture (2016) in her hometown Mumbai, India.

Objective:  Tanvi strives to be a place-maker with unique sketch-noting skills and her knowledge of Urban Planning and Urban Design.  She aspires to re-imagine and re-vitalize public spaces and create new sustainable communities.


Currently working as a Project Coordinator (Architecture) and Planner at Paraddym Studio, Nashville, TN. She is well versed in site study and analysis along with concept development for master plans with immense knowledge of building codes and zoning ordinances. Tanvi is currently working on such as commercial spaces, warehouse and industrial buildings, and mixed-use development and responsibly coordinates the seven design phases for architectural design.

As an Urban Designer and Planner at Benchmark Planning, Charlotte NC, she has engaged in downtown development projects, Future Land - Use Planning, developing and implementing Urban design concepts for communities, and public outreach, workshops, and engagement. Tanvi has worked on Comprehensive planning, land use, streetscape design guidelines, and transit-oriented development projects.

Her experience at The Des Moines MPO, Iowa. includes assisting in data collection, analysis, and mapping analysis with GIS, graphics, and visuals for client presentations. Some key projects include -  the Housing Trust Fund for Central Iowa and Story County, Central Iowa Data Bike, Environmental Justice and Environmental Assessment report, and Downtown Des Moines as a neighborhood Project.

As an Architect (India), Tanvi worked on residential redevelopment and mixed-used projects focusing on building construction and building design.

Welcome to!

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